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Silvia's favourite pictures and clips really show off the variety of material in the archive. From footage of stylish Flappers from the 1920s to tiny sculptures from Ancient Greece, enjoy our Italian office Account Manager's fascinating selection.

1. What is your role at Bridgeman?

I work as Account Manager in the Italian Office, in Milan. I help our Italian clients discover the world of Bridgeman Images, our incredible collections and news. Everyday day we have something new to share! I do picture research in order to find the right image for each specific project, be it editorial or digital, exhibitions or movies, fashion or advertising. We supply excellent quality images as well as advising clients about copyright, for a complete licensing service.


2. What do you love most about the job?

Every day I discover new images or clips in our archive. I am an Art Historian so I never stop learning. Moreover, I find working with people with different backgrounds to be a fantastic way to understand trends about how the world of creativity is changing.


3. What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?

Many people think about Bridgeman Images only as a picture library, others appreciate the art collection. So my mission is to convince Italian professionals that we are more: not only does the archive feature still images but it also includes footage, we represent many young artists and their copyright. Bridgeman Images definitely is the best place to find exclusive contents for original projects!


Silvia Piombo's favourite images and clips in the archive are...






The 1920s flapper girl, various shots of women dancing, smoking, shopping, putting on make-up, in salon. F Scott Fitzgerald writing. / Bridgeman Images





1920s Flappers

Dancing, smoking, and shopping. Early-20th-century movies are so vibrant, like a novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. In this clip you can better understand the fashion of the era too - I really love the hair-cuts!



Beautiful Day, by T. S. Harris, 2015

Bridgeman Studio is an incredible source for book-covers. We are thrilled to represent many young artists for exclusive distribution around the world. I love T.S. Harris and her women, inspired by snapshots and film stills from the mid-20th-century.



Beautiful Day, 2015, (oil on canvas), Harris, T.S. / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images




Small sculpture representing the Birth of Helen, from Metaponto, funerary furnishings Torretta district, Greek School, (5th century BC) / Museo Archeologico Provinciale, Potenza, Italy / Photo © Luisa Ricciarini / Bridgeman Images




Birth of Helen, Greek School, 5th Century BC

Here is a small 5th century BC sculpture in the form of an egg from Metaponto. I like small objects, and I collect little statues. In this tiny and curious object – which was a burial item – the birth of Helen is depicted. The photographer Luisa Ricciarini has extensively photographed many archaeological sites in Italy, Greece, Lebanon and elsewhere.



Photograph of the writer Gianrico Carofiglio 

Who is your favourite contemporary writer? Mine is Gianrico Carofiglio who is a writer of crime novels. I have been following him ever since his debut in 2002 with "Testimone inconsapevole" (Involuntary Witness). In this photograph, you can see the novelist in a vibrant shoot by Philippe Matsas, one of the greatest photographers in Opale/Leemage collection. Opale is a French agency focusing on portraits of contemporary cultural figures, now represented by Bridgeman Images.


Gianrico Carofiglio - Feb 2009 / © Philippe Matsas/Opale/Leemage/Bridgeman Images




Variety of fuchsia. Fuchsia varieties. Handcoloured woodblock print from Konan Tanigami's “Seiyou Sokazufu” (Pictorial Album of Western Plants and Flowers: Summer), Unsodo, Kyoto, 1917. Tanigami (1879-1928) depicted 125 varieties of garden plants through the four seasons. / © Florilegius / Bridgeman Images





Fuchsia varieties, a print from Tanigami Kônan's “Seiyou Sokazufu” Unsodo, Kyoto, 1917

When I want to relax, I feed my plants. I am crazy about botanical prints. The Japanese ones are always rich in details, well-composed and have amazingly vivid colours. Tanigami Kônan (1879-1928) depicted 125 varieties of garden plants through the four seasons. Therfore it's not so easy to choose only one pic for this post!



Newsreel documenting the Victory in Sicily, 1943

Half my family comes from Sicily and my grandmother was there when the allies arrived. People normally know about these events from Robert Capa's pics, but here you can see an original documentary about one of the most important events of WW2. History can be so fascinating if seen in original footage! Our Footage Collection is a very complete resource for rights-managed and historical clips.




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