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Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She was educated at the London College of Fashion and is currently living and working in London in the fields of set design, photography and art direction. Excitingly, Mizrahi is also now one of our most recently joined Bridgeman Contemporary artists.

Mizrahi has worked with many prestigious clients including Vogue Italy, Vogue Brazil, Vogue Portugal, Elle UK, Time Out Magazine and Swarovski. Our artist Manager, Aretha Campbell was excited to meet Mizrahi for interview.


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


1.What is your earliest memory of a photograph and who was it by?

Difficult to pick one and this is probably not really accurate. My memory is a little short. Ryan McGinley comes to my mind now. Dakota Hair, 2014.


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


2. You were born in Rio but studied at the London College of Fashion. Do you think growing up in Brazil has influenced your vibrant choice of colour in your work?

Yes, definitely. I think my choice of colours somehow is connected to my background and the vibrancy from Brazil. It happens naturally, I just need to keep true to myself.


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


3. What is your favourite time of day to be in your studio?

I love to work in the morning - my mind is generally fresher and more active. Although I don’t really have a favourite time, I’m generally happy to work any time if I am on my element.


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


4. You are a set designer, art director and photographer: where do you get the inspiration for your compositions?

The inspiration comes from different sources, depending on assignment. It can be anything, from movies to contemporary and classic art. A current inspiration for my personal series is the representation of women in media and beauty rituals.


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


5. You exhibited in a two person show with Juno Calypso at Arusha Gallery, another rising star in photography. As a female fashion photographer do you find it still a male dominated industry?

Yes, of course. I think woman is claiming more and more and fighting their corner, but there is still a lot to be done in some cases, and in society in general. We are on our way though.


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


6. What is the most unusual shoot you have done for a client?

I don’t know. It is hard to think of something unusual nowadays! 


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


7. If you could pick 5 artists, dead or alive, to have dinner with who would they be and why?

Amy Winehouse, Rene Magritte, Diane Arbus, David Lynch, Marina Abramovic.


Ana Carolina Tavares Mizrahi / Bridgeman Images


Mizrahi is now represented by Bridgeman Contemporary. See more of her work and image data here


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