New Photography Collection: Opale

Bridgeman Images are proud to announce an exclusive agreement to represent Opale in North and South America.


The exceptional Opale Agency's archive remains the finest photographic record of the literary world, with more than 400,000 photos (36,000 photo shoots) of international writers. The agency has recently opened its doors to new photographers, which has allowed them to offer further access to portraits of personalities in the wider cultural world.


 Portrait of Doctor Maya Angelou / © Graham Jepson/Opale/Leemage 


Portrait of Takashi Murakami (artist) in the Galerie Perrotin 2016 / © Antoine DOYEN/Opale/Leemage


The archive is constantly being updated with current photography, making Opale a valuable narrator of the global cultural and international scene and a key partner for the press and publishers.

Bridgeman Images now represent Opale exclusively in the UK and worldwide. Take a look at hand picked selections of Opale photography below.


Portrait of Beatrice Dalle (born Beatrice Cabarrou) (actress) / © Jean-Marie MARION / Opale / Leemage


Portrait Tony Curtis American actor 1986 / © Patrick Jacob / Opale / Leemage 


If you have any questions regarding this collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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