ITV drama series 'Victoria'

Queen Victoria Coronation scene - ITV Drama

ITV's eight-part series about 'Victoria' is a stunning glimpse into the early life of Queen Victoria as she took the reigns of the country.

Bridgeman Images works with a number of film, TV, production and theatre clients around the world proving images and footage. One of our clients, Mammoth Screen, recently licensed a range of images for the new ITV drama series called “Victoria.”


Victoria contemplating the changes in her life


Steve November (ITV’s Director of Drama) said, 

“This epic series is a chance to see the Victorian age through the eyes of the Queen herself for the first time. She's a vibrant, fascinating character whose legacy lives on today. Her life story is one that is by turns genuinely dramatic, romantic and surprising. We are delighted to be working with Daisy Goodwin, who knows her subject intimately and has brought her to life beautifully, and with Mammoth, who we know are masters of epic period drama.”  

Victoria leaving her coronation


The 8-hour series of this ambitious landmark drama follows the early life of our longest reigning monarch, who leaves childhood behind when she ascends the throne at the tender age of 18.

Victoria will be made by Mammoth Screen, producers of Poldark (BBC One) and Endeavour (ITV), and the series is created and written by acclaimed novelist Daisy Goodwin, in her screenwriting debut.


Daisy Goodwin said,

"I've been fascinated by Victoria since I started reading her diaries at university. She's a woman whose personality leaps off the page - a tiny 4 foot 11 teenager who overnight became the most powerful woman in the world, and her candour and spirit makes for an irresistible heroine. Victoria was the first woman to have it all; she had a passionate marriage, nine children and was grandmother to most of Europe's royalty, but she also had a job, being Queen of the most important nation in the world. It wasn't easy; her reign was beset by scandal and sleaze and it was only by sheer force of personality that she prevailed. Her diaries, all sixty two million words of them, give an astonishingly vivid picture of her transformation from rebellious teenager into, to my mind, our greatest Queen.”


Actress Jenna Coleman in her role as Victoria
Victoria with her dog


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