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Each month we spend time analysing which of our Bridgeman Studio images are licensing best of all. We also hear regular reports from our Account Managers across our four offices about what they're looking for, what's hot and which forthcoming projects they need to source images for.

In order to ensure that Bridgeman Studio is able to provide the best content for our clients, we update this page regularly with specific content that we're looking for from our existing artists, or even new artists who think they fit the bill!


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Images we're looking for right now!

Seasonal Imagery

Images which celebrate a particular religious festival or holiday. Think of new ways to represent this image. It doesn't need to be overtly-religious, rather it should have a spiritual or celebratory feel to it. These images are primarily used for greetings cards, but are frequently used for religious publications too.





Contemporary Religious Content

Christian art

Jewish art (particularly with reference to Hannukah)

Contemporary images of Madonna and crucifixions


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Images with a masculine feel, suitable for a greetings card


Sport (With an American-bias such as baseball, basketball, ice hockey or American football)

Graphic Art

Urban scenes

Geometric and angular compositions

Graffitti works

Graphics focused on typography

Fine Art Photography

Famous landmarks re-imagined

Famous landmarks and cities from new perspectives


Patterns for surface design, packaging, wallpaper and wrapping paper. We want patterns which have a fresh, bold, contemporary feel.

Print repeats

Illustrative patterns

Graphic patterns


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For clients looking for topical inspiration, take a look at Bridgeman Images's Anniversary Pages which are full of images covering forthcoming events, anniversaries and celebrations.


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