Dennis, Laura


Laura Dennis is a Welsh artist and illustrator who began her career studying Art and Design at the University of Leeds, she has since gone on the garner national and internal attention for her bold, vibrant and striking paintings. Much of her work is inspired by British wildlife and plants, as well as more broadly by themes relating to customs, traditions and time. For the most part, Laura’s work is created using the highest quality watercolours on a kaolin clay panel, a wholly unique surface allows for a gradual layering of colour which gives each of her pieces a rich depth of colour and almost luminous quality.

Most recently Laura’s work has been curated into Saatchi Art’s Bohemian Chic collection, it has also featured in The World of Interiors magazine as well as being exhibited in the UK and held in private collections in Europe and North America.


  • 2018 Saatchi Art Get The Look: Bohemian Chic Collection , Online
  • 2017 Oxford Art Society Annual Exhibition, The Cloister Gallery, Oxford
  • 2018 Ardent Summer Exhibition, Ardent Gallery, Brecon
  • 2018 Oxford Art Weeks, Kings Sutton, Oxford
  • 2018 Laura Lea Design , Leytonstone,London


  • 2011 BA Art and Design , University of Leeds
  • 2015 BSc Criminology and Sociology , University of Cardiff


Kaleidoscope, 2017, (watercolour on clay panel)
Kaleidoscope, 2017, (watercolour on clay panel)

ANP5245271: Kaleidoscope, 2017, (watercolour on clay panel), Dennis, Laura / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

ANP5245272: , Dennis, Laura / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

ANP5245273: , Dennis, Laura / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

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