Lamb, Thomas


Awards and Bursaries
2006 Prince of Wales Bursary for the Arts, Athens
2001-2003 Sainsbury Scholarship in Painting & Sculpture, The British School at Rome
2000 AHRB Bursary Award

Solo Exhibitions
2008, ’11, ’14, ’17 Browse & Darby, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.
Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2014, Mall Galleries, London & Guildford House Gallery, Guildford.
A British Continuum, in association with Stephen Lacey Fine Art, Browse and Darby and the Court Gallery at the Lloyds Club, London.
Spring Fever, Saatchi Art at the Hyatt, Regency, London
2013 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries, London.
GO Exhibition, Abbey Walk Gallery & Muriel Barker Gallery, Grimsby
Gallery Artists, Browse & Darby, London
RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition, Bankside Gallery, London
2012 OPEM 2 The Collection, Lincoln
Armory Show, New York
London Art Fair
2011 Contemporary Gallery Artists, Browse and Darby, London
Art Chicago
2010 Young Contemporaries, Browse & Darby, London, in association with Mark Jason Gallery
2010 Art Chicago
2008-9 Contemporary Gallery Artists, Browse & Darby, London
2006 Responding to Rome 1995 – 2005, Estorick Collection of Modern Art, London
2005 Three Persons Exhibition, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
Hyogo International Competition of Painting, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan
2004, 05 Nottingham Open, Nottingham Castle
2002, 03 The British School at Rome
2002 L`Uomo e la Sua Dimensione Religiosa in Europa, Braccio Di Carlo Magno, Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City
2001 Drawing Exchange, RMIT University Melbourne, Australia.
1999 Engaging Gestures, exhibition in association with Tate Britain & Lethaby Gallery, London

Selected Bibliography
2010 Katherine R.Lieber, Art Chicago 2010, on
2008 Andrew Lambirth, Up Close and Personal, in The Spectator


  • 2018 Artists of Fame and Promise, Beaux Art, Bath
  • 2018 Contemporary Gallery Artists, Browse and Darby


  • 2000 Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon School of Art
  • 2001 MA Drawing, Wimbledon School of Art


Irises at Night
Irises at Night

AKP3702166: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Red Deer in Heather
Red Deer in Heather

AKP3702167: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Red Deer with Trees
Red Deer with Trees

AKP3702168: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Path through Heather
Path through Heather

AKP3702169: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Frozen Oak
Frozen Oak

AKP3702170: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Bird over River
Bird over River

AKP3702171: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Lamb under Hawthorn
Lamb under Hawthorn

AKP3702172: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Blossom over the River
Blossom over the River

AKP3702173: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Evening Songbird
Evening Songbird

AKP3702174: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

Blossom Tree after the Rain
Blossom Tree after the Rain

AKP3702175: © Thomas Lamb / Bridgeman Images

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