Scott, Joanna


Joanna has worked as an artist and illustrator for over twenty years with her work sold both nationally and internationally for clients ranging from Shreds for Harrods and Selfridges to Halcyon Days Fine Enamels in Mayfair, ITV and Paddington Bear & Co.

Her work in children's books includes some of the biggest selling brands in the world. She has worked for award winning children's author Lynne Reid Banks, as well as numerous publishers and authors with fantastic stories to tell.

Joanna has also appeared on live TV with Create and Craft on Sky, showing viewers how to illustrate children's book characters step by step.

Her clients include children's books with major publishers for Dynamo Ltd as well as poses and icons with Michelle Porte-Davis Design for Paddington Bear & Co's Illustrated Brand Guide, Illustration for packaging, (The British Quinoa Company), TV and film props, ( Lewis ITV) digital agency concepts, custom business concept illustration, giftware and product design/illustration, album covers and marketing campaigns of all kinds.

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