Golla, Ellen


Ellen Golla lives in the remote Redwoods of Humboldt County, California. Her paper mosaic collages have won awards, been published nationally and featured in museum and gallery shows in different regions of the United States.

Using scissors, tweezers and clear acrylic mediums, she meticulously composes each work from hundreds of bits of cut paper. She uses diverse source materials, including reproductions of her own photographs. The resulting artworks are so highly textural, she has on occasion found that viewers feel compelled to stroke their surfaces.

Ellen is interested in the history of paper as a material in both folk craft and fine art, and likes to think of her work as a modern amalgam of different traditions. She also has a deep fascination for trains, in particular the London Underground, which was the world’s first subway. She has spent a considerable amount of time photographing Tube stations and trains, as well as parks and other places in London for use in her work. She also likes to create fantastical, imaginary scenes of her own invention.

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