McSparran, Kimberly

Long before I entered kindergarten, I began drawing and knitting. In first grade, I won the Easter Egg Hunt Poster contest. In second grade, I made myself a bikini. I continued to draw, paint and sew throughout high school. As a young model, I “recreated” everything I saw in the New York showrooms. I decided to become a Fashion Designer and began studying fashion design at the University of Vermont. After my first semester, I decided to switch into fine arts. Between my metal-smithing and oral interpretation teachers, for whom I made illustrations, I was encouraged to attend a higher caliber art school and transferred in the middle of my sophomore year to Syracuse to study illustration. I spent my junior year at St. Martins College of Art in London where I first met Robert Welch, the famous metal-smith. Little did I know, three years later I would be at the New York Hilton introducing three flatware patterns I designed for Yamazaki along with Robert Welch and four other international designers. My career in the Tabletop Industry had begun. I have continued to license my designs internationally for the Tabletop and Home furnishings industries, porcelain dolls, rugs, fabrics, needlepoint pillows, giftware, stationery and paper party goods.

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