9th January 1913
Richard Nixon, infamously the only U.S. President to resign from office, is born. 110 years.
9th January 1863
The opening of the first underground railway in London. 160 years.
9th January 1908
Simone Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir, commonly known as Simone de Beauvoir, was born. 115 years.
9th January 1923
Katherine Mansfield, writer of the Dove's Nest, died at 34. 100 years.
14th January 1963
The Flying Scotsman made its last run. 60 years.
17th January 1863
E J Horace Vernet, French painter, died at 73. 160 years.
17th January 1863
David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister who led Britain through WWI was born. 160 years.
2nd February 1913
New York City's Grand Central Terminal opened. 110 years
5th February 1888
Anton Mauve, Dutch painter and cousin of Vincent van Gogh, died age 49. 135 years.
11th February 1963
Suicide of Sylvia Plath, poet and novelist. 60 years.
16th February 1923
Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb discovered in Egypt by Howard Carter. 100 years.
21st February 1513
Pope Julius II, renowned as one of the greatest Popes, died. 510 years
2nd March 1913
National Woman's Party forms. 110 years.
3rd March 2003
Luis Marden, American photojournalist (b. 1913), died. 20 years.
4th March 1913
Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th president of the United States. 110 years.
10th March 1913
Harriet Tubman - abolitionist, humanitarian, and conductor on Underground Railroad, died. 110 years.
26th March 1923
Sarah Bernhardt, French stage and early film actress; referred to as "the most famous actress the world has ever known", died. 100 years.
26th March 1973
Sir Noel Coward, British playwright, composer, actor and director, died. 50 years
7th April 1938
Suzanne Valadon, French painter, dies. 85 years
8th April 1973
Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist and co-founder of the Cubism movement, dies. 50 years

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