1st January 1864
Alfred Stieglitz, an American photographer and modern art promoter, was born. 155 years.
1st January 1959
The Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro led the Cubans to victory over Fulgencia Batista. 60 years.
3rd January 1959
President Eisenhower signed proclamation admitting Alaska to the union as the 49th state. 60 years.
6th January 1919
Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States died. 100 years.
7th January 1839
The French artist and physicist, Louis Daguerre, announced his invention of the daguerreotype. 180 years.
7th January 1989
Emperor Hirohito, the 124th Emperor of Japan, died. 30 years.
14th January 1954
Baseball player Joe DiMaggio and actress Marilyn Monroe got married. 65 years.
17th January 1944
WWII - The Battle of Monte Cassino began, and continued until 18th May 1944. 75 years.
17th January 1899
Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone, American gangster who attained fame during the Prohibition era, was born. 120 years
19th January 1839
The French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Cezanne was born. 180 years.
20th January 1779
David Garrick, English actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer, died. 300 years
21st January 1924
Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Russian SFSR and premier of the Soviet Union, died. 95 years.
21st January 1954
The USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine, was launched. 65 years.
23rd January 1944
Edvard Munch, a Norwegian painter and printmaker, died. 75 years.
23rd January 1989
Salvador Dali, a prominent Spanish surrealist painter, died. 30 years.
28th January 1939
William Butler Yeats, Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature, died. 80 years.
1st February 1944
Piet Mondrian, the Dutch pioneer of abstract art and important contributor to the De Stijl art movement, died. 75 years.
3rd February 1924
Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, died. 95 years.
7th February 1964
The Beatles arrived in America for the first time for their United States Tour. 55 years.
10th February 1939
Pope Pius XI, the sovereign of Vatican City from its creation as an independent state, died. 80 years.

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