20th May 1913
The first Chelsea Flower Show held in London. 105 years.
22nd May 1938
William James Glackens, American realist painter and one of the founders of the Ashcan School of American art, died. 80 years.
23rd May 1618
Beginning of the Thirty Years War, it will last for 29 years, 11 months, and 22 days. 400 years.
24th May 1743
Jean-Paul Marat, Swiss-French physician, journalist, and politician, involved in the French Revolution, was born. 275 years.
24th May 1543
Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun at the centre of the universe, died. 475 years.
25th May 1693
Madame Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne, Comtesse de La Fayette, French author, died. 325 years.
26th May 2008
Sydney Pollack, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, died. 10 years.
30th May 1593
Christopher Marlowe, English poet and playwright, died. 425 years.

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