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Charles II, c.1661-66 (oil on canvas)

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Charles II, c.1661-66 (oil on canvas)
Wright, John Michael (1617-94) / English
Royal Collection Trust
oil on canvas
281.9x239.2 cms

Charles II (1630-85) King of England, Scotland and Ireland; probably painted soon after the coronation; king wearing St. Edward's crown, dressed in parliamentary robes over the Garter costume; carrying the new orb and sceptre made by Sir Robert Vyner, as earlier regalia had been destroyed during the Interregnum;

Foto Credit
© Royal Collection / Royal Collection Trust © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2022 / Bridgeman Images
/ restoration / rulers / royal / great britain / fur / royalty / england / britain / robes / british / seated / enthroned / portrait / throne / male / regal / english / ermine / uk / Painting / Mzpainting

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