Corcoran, Rose


Born in 1972 Rose grew up in London and after school went to Edinburgh university to study History of Art on leaving she studied illustration at City and Guilds of london art school and then Natural History illustration at the Royal College of Art. Rose graduated with her Masters in 2000 and was immediately taken on by the Sladmore Gallery as one of there stable of Artist's. She has been exhibiting her work ever since and has had shows in London, Paris, New York and Santa Fe. Her work is collected internationally. Rose's artwork depicts predominantly endangered species with a special interest in tigers and big cats. She is passionate about her subjects and her work presents them to the viewer in all their wildness and splendour for her it is about the true essence of the animal. Often on a large scale and black and white these are powerful uncompromising drawings that challenge the viewer not to ignore them. Rose spends much of her time in the wild's of India and Africa studying her subjects and the conservation issues surrounding them. Through her shows she works in conjunction with various conservation charities and projects and aims to educate and raise awareness for the animals that she draws.
Edward Lucie-Smith said of her drawings
"These are accurate depictions which are also full of empathy; they project the spectator into the very essence of what they portray. If you want to really know a tiger look at one of these powerful drawings..."


  • 2000 Solo exhibition, Sladmore Gallery, London
  • 2002 Solo Exhibition, Sladmore Gallery London
  • 2004 Solo Exhibition, Sladmore Gallery, London
  • 2006 Instincts, solo exhibition, Gerald Peters Gallery New York
  • 2006 Instincts, Gerald peters gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • 2007 The Others, solo exhibition, Sladmore Gallery London
  • 2009 Spirit, solo exhibition, Sladmore Gallery, London
  • 2012 Wild and Wonderful, solo exhibition, Sladmore Gallery london
  • 2014 Bold and Beautiful, solo exhibition, Asprey's on Bond street, london
  • 2015 Old Friends, New Faces, solo exhibition, Sladmore gallery, london
  • 2001 Solo Exhibition, Galerie La Cymaise, Paris


  • 1993 `history of Art, Edinburgh university
  • 2000 communications art and design, Royal College of Art
  • 1997 illustration, City and Guilds of london Art school


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