van Es, Nik


Hi! My name is Nik van Es and I'm an illustrator based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

My work consists of characters in absurd, humorous situations and takes place in a world of bright, overlapped colours. I have a great passion for anything handmade, therefore I like to work with pencil on paper, make new textures for every single illustration and draw the typography myself. I only use Adobe Photoshop to color my illustrations and / or rearrange my composition(s).

For commissions, projects, collaborations or just to say hi please email me at:
I'm very open to pretty much any kind of project and I'm am always looking for new challenges.


  • 2015 Bridgeman Studio Award 2015, Wilderness I & II


  • 2015 Wild at Heart, Café Het Hart, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • 2014 De Betovering, Café van Velsen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • 2014 Round 2, Kapitaal, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • 2013 R-Rated Memories - The Paul Verhoeven Art Tribute, Gallery Roest, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2013 Superschelden, NS16, Tilburg, The Netherlands


  • 2014 Bachelor of Design Illustration, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht


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