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Illustration to Die häßliche Herzogin Margarete Maultasch (The Ugly Duchess) by Lion Feuchtwanger (1923), 1948 (litho)

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Illustration to Die häßliche Herzogin Margarete Maultasch (The Ugly Duchess) by Lion Feuchtwanger (1923), 1948 (litho)
Rojter, Mikhail (1916-93) / Russian
Gamborg Collection
1948 AD (C20th AD)

The Ugly Duchess is about Margarete Maultasch (14th century in Tyrol). Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) was a German-Jewish novelist and playwright. A prominent figure in the literary world of Weimar Germany, he influenced contemporaries including playwright Bertolt Brecht. Feuchtwanger's fierce criticism of the Nazi Party— years before it assumed power— and being Jewish ensured that he would be a target of government-sponsored persecution after Adolf Hitler's appointment as chancellor of Germany in January 1933. Following a brief period of internment in France, and a harrowing escape from Continental Europe, he sought asylum in the United States, where he died in 1958. Feuchtwanger is often praised for his efforts to expose the brutality of the Nazis and criticized for his failure to acknowledge the brutality of the rule of Joseph Stalin. Лио́н Фейхтва́нгер - Безобразная герцогиня Маргарита Маульташ

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Bridgeman Images
/ interior / female / candlelight / character / candle / lion feuchtwanger / ugly duchess / male / literary / literature / characters / german / illustration / margarete maultasch / die häßliche herzogin / Engraving / Mzengraving

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