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White pawn, chess piece, India, 1820 circa (ivory)

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White pawn, chess piece, India, 1820 circa (ivory)
Robertson, Eric Harald Macbeth (1887-1941) / Scottish
National Army Museum, London
1820 AD (C19th AD)

White pawn, chess piece, India, 1820 circa. Carved ivory, made by an Indian artist, probably in Berhampur, from a chess set representing the Bengal Army and an Indian ruler's forces, 1820 circa. This chess piece takes the form of a Bengal sepoy standing at attention upon a circular plinth; the sepoy wears a shako with a plume, a double breasted coatee. Known as ‘John Company’ sets, finely-crafted chess sets of East India Company soldiers and Indian troops were popular with the British. Most pieces are carved from single sections of ivory. This set was probably made in Berhampur, which was established as a centre of ivory carving during the 1700s. It was ideally situated for the European market because travellers and traders passed through on their way to and from Calcutta (Kolkata) and central and southern India. It was also a garrison town, so would have had a regularly-changing population of British officers. Exquisite chess sets like this continued to be made into the twentieth century.

Foto Credit
© National Army Museum / Bridgeman Images
game / play / player / games / people and culture / society / chess

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