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Pauline Boty and three men in a 'Quasi Revue Set', c.1960 (b/w photo)

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Pauline Boty and three men in a 'Quasi Revue Set', c.1960 (b/w photo)
Reeve, Geoffrey (b.1936) / British
Private Collection
black and white photograph
c. 1960 AD (C20th AD)

Pauline Boty (6 March 1938 – 1 July 1966) was a founder of the British Pop art movement and the only female painter in the British wing of the movement. Boty's paintings and collages often demonstrated a joy in self-assured femininity and female sexuality, and expressed overt or implicit criticism of the "man's world" in which she lived. Her rebellious art, combined with her free-spirited lifestyle, has made Boty a herald of 1970s feminism.

Foto Credit
Geoffrey Reeve. All rights reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images
artist / art / arts / interior / college / sixties / royal / art / artists / 60s / interaction / informal / theatrical / students / british / theatre / photographs / photo / black and white / 1960s / scene / photograph / student / english / newman / nason / ray / bradley / brian / rca / gerald / pop / studio / improvisation / amateur / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto

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