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Suez Canal, from the series 'The Empire's Highway to India', 1928 (colour litho)

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Suez Canal, from the series 'The Empire's Highway to India', 1928 (colour litho)
Pears, Charles (1873-1958) / English
Manchester Art Gallery, UK
colour lithograph
1928 AD (C20th AD)

commissioned by the Empire Marketing Board and printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co Ltd for HMSO; see also 464423 & 464424; Manchester Art Gallery holds a fascinating collection of artist-designed posters, Commissioned by the British government's Empire Marketing Board between 1926 and 1933. The EMB's main function was to increase sales of Empire-grown and Empire-made goods throughout Great Britain, its Dominions and its Colonies. One aspect of its activities was a poster campaign that was designed to turn Britons into 'Empire-conscious' consumers. Over 200 posters were acquired by Manchester Art Gallery in the 1930s. The posters' strong images illustrate the Empire's people, places and products. However, for a contemporary audience, the posters sometimes express uncomfortable beliefs and raise difficult questions about the legacies of the Empire today.

Foto Credit
© Manchester Art Gallery / Bridgeman Images
1920s / 20th century / boat / tugboat / transport / transportation / advertisement / ship / print / highway / advert / egyptian / camel / empire marketing board / british empire / egypt / suez canal / imperial / sailors / 20s / twenties / sailor / camels / india / waterway / vintage poster / male / travelling / mast / transport / emb / route

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