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The Global Women's Suffrage Movement

The Global Women's Suffrage Movement

00:00:14:08 Two British policemen restraining a women demonstrator in England. Women marching to gain the right to vote. 00:00:52:07 Women viewed by men as being too irresponsible, should remain a man's status symbol and be sheltered from the rigors of life. 00:01:22:21 19th century fashions ladies fashions. Woman tightening 19th century Victorian corset to attain an hourglass figure with tiny waist. Couples in formal attire ballroom dancing. 00:01:52:14 Women factory workers in the progressive era 1880 to early 1900s. 00:02:26:06 Two women playing tennis; 19th century female tennis players. 00:03:44:18 Courting and marriage in the 19th century, couple riding bicycles, sign on horse drawn coach reads äóìjust marriedäó, couple and wedding party at train station and couple at Niagara Falls. 00:04:54:03 Woman doing household or domestic chores in the 19th century. Woman washing clothes by hand using a scrub board; woman ironing clothes with a vintage or antique äóìcast flat ironäó; wood burning vintage or antique cook stove. 00:05:43;11 Women working outside the home or women factory workers in the early 1900s. 00:06:19;23 Members of the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women founded by Harriott Eaton Stanton Blatch In 1907 (later renamed the Women's Political Union in 1910) in suffrage automobile parade. Women marching in support of the Susan B. Anthony Congressional women's suffrage petition of March 8, 1884. Women's suffrage movement signs reads äóìDemocracy Means Everyoneäó, äóìWe Want The Voteäó, äóìEqual Rightsäó, äóìWe're Citizens Tooäó. 00:06:52;00 The Women's suffrage movement in England (Great Britain), demonstrations and marches. Demonstrators carry a large banner with image of Emmeline Pankhurst. CU image of Mrs Pankhurst. Mrs Pankhurst being arrested by British police. British police pushing demonstrators back. Mrs Pankhurst's daughter Sylvia arrested by police. More scenes of the suffrage movement in Britain. 00:09:28;11 CU image of Emily Wilding Davison, a British militant suffrage activist in the early 1900s. Emily Wilding Davison stepping in front of King George V's horse Anmer at the Epsom Derby on June 4, 1913 sustaining injuries that resulted in her death four days later. Funeral procession for Emily Wilding Davison, a suffragette. 00:10:41;11 CU image of Alice Stokes Paul, a Quaker, a U.S. suffragist, feminist, and women's rights activist was the main leader and strategist of the 1910 campaign for the 19th Amendment to U.S. Constitution. Lillian Russell, an American actress and singer speaks up for women suffrage. 00:13:04;07 Front cover of 1912 Saturday Evening Post with sign that reads äóìVotes For Womenäó. 00:13:31;02 CU of Anna Howard Shaw, leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United States with Mrs. Lillian Capp. RESEARCH BOF pd na 681

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Anthony Susan B (1820-1906) / Women's Rights / universal suffrage / right to vote / election /
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