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The Assassination of St. Peter Martyr, c.1509 (oil on panel)

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The Assassination of St. Peter Martyr, c.1509 (oil on panel)
Bellini, Giovanni (c.1431-1516) (workshop of) / Italian
The Courtauld, London (Samuel Courtauld Trust)
oil on panel
68.1x100 cms

This picture depicts the martyrdom of Peter, a Dominican Friar, on the road to Milan in 1252. As the assassin’s axe sliced his head, Peter reasserted his faith, writing ‘Credo’ (‘I believe’) in his blood. The woodcutters in the background symbolise the brutal cutting-off of Peter’s life. Even the trees bleed at his death. The basic composition and the four central figures derive from another painting of the same theme by Bellini (National Gallery, London)

Foto Credit
© Courtauld Gallery / Bridgeman Images
Bible / biblical / Venice / venetian / Italy / italian / italians / european union / EU / Europe / european / Europen / Veneto / soldier / armour / saint / Dominican / stabbing / monk / male / Renaissance / halo / Painting / Mzpainting

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