Lewis, Wyndham (1882-1957) (attr.to)

Wyndham Lewis, began his artistic career at age 16 when he won a scholarship to attend London’s Slade School of Fine Art. Soon after, however, he decided to move to Paris and took lectures at the Sorbonne, where he became passionate about Cubist and Expressionist art. After returning to London in 1908, he began to develop a new artistic style called Vorticism, which was highly influenced by Cubism and Expressionism. Other than being involved in the art world, Wyndham Lewis undertook writing, and ended up writing several renown novels and satirical short stories. At the end of his career, he became an art critic for “The Listener” in England, and a year before his death the Tate Gallery in London curated a solo exhibition with his life’s work.

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