The artist Galley has only ever worked as a painter, designer and maker. After training at Central St Martins School of Art, London, Galley worked for many years as a ceramicist and the skills and interests gained then have remained an influence in the body of work achieved since. Over time, Galley has taught in both College of Art and school, designed costume for the West End stage and amde jewellery in precious materials. She has been very involved in the restoration of old buildings and has understanding of their interiors and furniture and has learned the necessary skills of specialised paint effects, gilding and patination. She has been able to apply these varied skills within the world of antiques and decorative arts. When working almost entirely to commission for a London gallery, Galley's observance and liking for objects and artefacts found natural expression in the painting of still life. The depiction of flowers and vegetables in conjunction with china, glass, silver and tortoiseshell, whilst having an awareness of bothearly Flemish painting and naive art, has been a coming together of enthusiasms and experiences.

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