Rebecca Campbell greeting card license

Zoology: A beautiful new collection of 18 greeting cards 

'The Great Dane' (right) is just one of the 18 images by Bridgeman Contemporary Artist Rebecca Campbell which have been licensed by The Art File for their new everyday greeting card range - Zoology. 

Commenting on the collection, Ged Mace, Managing Director of The Art File said: 

'We were instantly drawn to the detail and originality in Rebecca’s work. We love the quirkiness of each image and her colour pallet is gorgeous. The subtle humour will translate well onto greeting cards and we are confident that our customers will be attracted to the range as much as we were. The Art File is thrilled to be working with Rebecca and Bridgeman Art Library.’ 

Quintessentially English

Rebecca Campbell's work evokes whimsical visions of a gentrified England, mixing exotic tastes with British eccentricities. A keen traveller, her decorative style demonstrates a familiarity with Indian Mogual Miniatures, Chinoiserie and Medieval tapestries.

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The Great Dane (oil on linen) by Rebecca Campbell /Bridgeman
The Great Dane (oil on linen) by Rebecca Campbell /Bridgeman

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