Intervista a Tessa Newcomb
We discuss Tessa Newcomb's inspirations, her mother's works and her favourite artists
Ora rappresentato: Mick Rooney RA
We're delighted to represent the images of Mick Rooney RA for copyright, licensing and reproduction.
Interview with Paul Huxley RA
We discuss Huxley's teaching, print-making versus painting and his favourite artists
Now representing: Paul Huxley RA
We're excited to represent Paul Huxley's images for copyright, licensing and reproduction.
Now representing: Eileen Hogan
We're proud to be represent Eileen Hogan's images for copyright.
Now representing: the estate of David Michie OBE RSA
We're excited to be representing the estate of David Michie for images for copyright, reproduction and licensing.
Now representing: Evelyn Korn
We're proud to be representing Evelyn Korn's images for licensing.
Now representing: Stephen Farthing RA
We're proud to be representing Stephen Farthing's images for licensing.
Now representing: Isabel Alexander
We're proud to be representing Isabel Alexander, 'the English Georgia O'Keeffe', for licensing.
Now representing: Christian Furr
We're proud to be representing Christian Furr's images for licensing.
Now representing: Eileen Cooper OBE RA
We're proud to be representing Eileen Cooper's images for licensing.
Artist Feature: Bill Jacklin
We discuss the influences and works of the British artist known as the modern 'painter of light'
Artist Feature: Ron Bone
We speak to the Artist's Estate about the influences and works of the accomplished British painter
Artist Feature: John Miller
We speak to the Artist's Estate about his key influences including Cornwall and Franciscan spirituality
Now representing: the Estate of John Miller
Explore iconic paintings of the Cornish landscape
Now representing: Richard Spare
Explore wonderful dry point etchings of birds, animals and nature.
Bridgeman Copyright
Did you know that Bridgeman administer the licensing of copyright for approximately 200 artists and their estates, ranging from famous names to emerging talent?
Now representing: The Estate of Archibald Motley
The Painter Who Captured Black America in the Jazz Age and Beyond
Now Representing: Elizabeth Blackadder
We're proud to be managing Elizabeth Blackadder's images for licensing
Selected Literature & works locations
Recommended reading and a list of collections who hold works by Lucian Freud.
About Lucian Freud
Born in 1922, Lucian Freud moved to London with his family in 1933. By the time of his death he was widely perceived as the pre-eminent British artist of his time.
Now Representing: The Stanley Spencer Estate
We're both honoured and delighted to be managing the Stanley Spencer Estate for image licensing.
Angel of Anarchy: Eileen Agar (1899–1991)
Proudly representing one of the most important female artists associated with the Surrealist movement for image licensing.
A journey into a surreal world: Jaschi Klein
Bridgeman is delighted to to have been chosen by the German artist Jaschi Klein to administer and license the copyright in her archive of photography.
Photographs of Lucian Freud by David Dawson
Bridgeman is delighted to have been chosen by David Dawson, model and studio assistant to Lucian Freud for twenty years, to represent his archive of photography for licensing.
Lucian Freud (1922-2011)
Bridgeman representing Lucian Freud Archive for Copyright Licensing
Urban Intimacy
Max Ferguson’s realistic paintings vividly capture a vanishing urban scene in and around New York.
The Lucian Freud Archive (LFA)
The Lucian Freud Archive (LFA), set up by the artist and his representatives before his death in 2011, has appointed Bridgeman to administer and license his copyright.
John Armstrong (1893-1978)
An artist of strong intellectual resource, a masterful designer, an original colourist and sometimes the conscience of the nation.The career of this unique British artist is overdue for reassessment.
Tristram Hillier (1905-83)
Tristram Hillier’s classical, timeless images, full of steely light and ominous shadows, have a unique place in the history of British 20th century art.
Maggi Hambling (BACS artist)
One of today's most celebrated British artists. Acclaimed as a painter of people, her expressive work engages profoundly with the human condition in images of tough but lyrical figuration.
Bridgeman and Artists' Estates
Since 1999, Bridgeman has worked with estates and artists to ensure that we offer our clients the highest quality transparencies and digital files for reproduction.

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