Remembering Our Veterans

Bridgeman honors our veterans via the archives of our military collections

American troops in landing craft head for Omaha Beach, 6th June 1944 (b/w photo), American Photographer, (20th century) / Private Collection / Peter Newark Military Pictures


Bridgeman Images is proud to represent an unparalleled collection of North American and European military history

Bridgeman Images represents multiple archives that have rich and diverse collections focused on North American and European military history. Peter Newark's American Pictures is a wonderful resource for images and ephemera from the American Revolutionary War up to Vietnam, from recruiting posters to portraits of civil war soldiers to weapons and paraphenalia. We are proud to annouce the aquisition of new works from the Canadian War Museum, which chronicles Canada's contribution on the international stage in both times of war and peace.The National Army Museum, Imperial War Museum and Royal Naval Museum all chronicle England's military history from prominent people to depictions of maritime and land battles across the globe, political cartoons to maps and illustrations of uniforms. For a chronicle of 20th century wars, several German photography collections are unparalleled. SZ Photo and H.P. Stiebing both illustrate the tragedy and eventual triumph of more recent times, from the feat of the D-Day landings, the decimation of Dresden, the horrific realities of the Nazi Holocaust to the war effort on the home front.

Bridgeman Images is also proud to represent contemporary painter Don Troiani. Troiani is a prolific, traditional academic realist painter whose work focuses on highly accurate historical and military paintings mostly of the Civil War and American Revolution.

Union Army, Company D, 2nd Regiment Of United States Sharpshooters, 1986 (oil on canvas), Don Troiani (b.1949) / Private Collection


War in the Air, 1918 (oil on canvas), Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson,  (1889-1946) / © Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada


Destruction of the tea cargoes, known as the Boston Tea Party, 16 December 1773 (color litho), American School, (19th century) / Private Collection / Peter Newark American Pictures



Soldiers disembarking from landing craft at Ouistreham and Bernieres in the St Aubin Sector on 6th June 1944, from a collection of 102 photographs collected by A.D.C. Smith of the Army Commandos (b/w photo), English Photographer, (20th century) / National Army Museum, London


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