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Larry Smart (1945-2006) was an English Pop artist best known for his paintings of 60's music icons, mandalas, and Marrakech.

Having spent most of his childhood in Baghdad, Larry moved back to the UK in his teens and studied at Croydon Art Colleage, where he was tutored by Bridget Riley.  After graduating, he began to experiment with painting mandalas. 

Larry also started painting portraits of rock icons in the pop art style and produced vibrant paintings of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and others.


Hendrix - Fire, 1967 (acrylic), Larry Smart (1945-2005) / Private Collection


Lennon - Kaleidoscope Eyes, 1967 (acrylic), Larry Smart (1945-2005) / Private Collection


Dylan - Liquid Light, 1967 (acrylic) , Larry Smart (1945-2005) / Private Collection


Larry was a founder member of Exploding Galaxy, a London project which brought together many artistic people from the hippy generation.


By the mid 70's, Smart was painting vibrant and idyllic period scenes documenting quintessentially British landscape: with English country house gardens, topiary, cricket and tennis.


The Cricket Match, 1987 (acrylic on linen), Larry Smart (1945-2005) / Private Collection


His paintings are in private collections worldwide, with commissions including a series of murals for former Beatle George Harrison.  Larry also worked with brands around the UK, creating works for Sainsbury’s Sherry labels and Whole Earth products.


From the late 80's, Larry developed a love of Marrakech.  He frequently visited the city and drew great inspiration from their architecture.


 A Riad in Marrakech, 1992 (acrylic on canvas), Larry Smart (1945-2005) / Private Collection


To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, The Muse Gallery will host ‘Larry Smart – Retro–Spective, the first ever solo exhibition by iconic 60's pop artist Larry Smart.The exhibition is 21st June – 2nd July at The Muse Gallery, 269 Portobello Road, London W11 1LR. 12-6pm daily.


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