Denver Public Library
Bridgeman is proud to represent this stellar collection from one of America's finest public libraries.
Aristocratic tastes of England
Bridgeman represents the collections of over thirty historic houses in the UK.
Art to the People: Bridgeman & ArtFinder collaborate
Artfinder is an exciting new concept for discovering, experiencing and sharing art. Bridgeman Art Library is the main image partner.
Bridgeman Images & Christie's Images
Now providing enhanced access to the archive of the world’s oldest fine art auction house
Bridgeman at the Broadcast Awards
For the second year in a row, Bridgeman sponsored the Best Documentary Series Award at the Broadcast Awards 2011.
Now representing the Cincinnati Art Museum
Learn more about this Queen City collection.
The Way We Were: Museum of the City of New York
The story of New York and it's people as told by the Museum of the City of New York.
A Transformative Process: Scanning Team Focus
Find out who is responsible for ensuring Bridgeman imagery is the highest possible quality prior to being licensed and taken on a life of its own.
Profile: Harriet Bridgeman
Harriet Bridgeman, our Founder and Executive Chair, was honoured by her Alma Mater Trinity College Dublin with an Alumni Award.
Urban Intimacy
Max Ferguson’s realistic paintings vividly capture a vanishing urban scene in and around New York.
The Lucian Freud Archive (LFA)
The Lucian Freud Archive (LFA), set up by the artist and his representatives before his death in 2011, has appointed Bridgeman to administer and license his copyright.
When in Dublin...
Two exciting industry events taking place in Dublin. FOCAL International Seminar on the business of archives and footage and Harriet Bridgeman, our Founder and Executive Chair, will be honoured by her Alma Mater Trinity College Dublin with an Alumni Award.
Calling all graphic design graduates
Sponsored by the Bridgeman Art Library, emerge presents BRIDGE, an afternoon of free workshops, specially designed for graphic design graduates. Includes a talk on intellectual property by Bridgeman's Pandora Mather-Lees.
The New Bridgeman Education Is Here!
Bridgeman Education has launched a brand new website,
Design Week image brief challenge
Designers from editorial, packaging and branding challenged a range of libraries, including Bridgeman, to interpret and find an image to respond to fictional briefs.
Bridgeman now represents the Civil War Archive
Rare war memorabilia offers a profound look into a tumultuous time in America's history.
The Israel Museum
From prehistory to contemporary art and photography, the Israel Museum offers an in depth examination of both Jewish art and Jewish life.
John Armstrong (1893-1978)
An artist of strong intellectual resource, a masterful designer, an original colourist and sometimes the conscience of the nation.The career of this unique British artist is overdue for reassessment.
Museum of London.
New galleries, new stories, new images. Telling the story of London and its inhabitants from the Great Fire of London to 20th century politics.
A visit from our colleagues Down Under
The Art Gallery of New South Wales sent a representative to our London office to research image sales and licensing.

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